About Us

Three Rivers Commercial Inspections LLC provides the best commercial inspections in the area. We are located in Fort Wayne, IN and serve our clients within a 60 mile radius.

We are locally owned and operated. 

In 2018, Three Rivers Commercial Inspections LLC inspected: condos, historical buildings, offices, churches, warehouses, industrial. We cover the spectrum from medical buildings to industrial buildings. We have inspected everything from small 1300 sq ft condos to a 18,500 sq ft historical building. 

Our buyers trust us to help them navigate the complexities of commercial buildings. All of our commercial inspectors are experts in commercial real estate. We have a network of specialized experts to rely upon for advanced evaluations whenever we run into a unique situation. Whether your building has a complex boiler heating system or an usual roofing component, we are the local commercial inspection company of choice to service your inspection needs.   

We undergo continuing education to keep our skills current in an ever changing world.  We exist to assist our clients in their due diligence process.  

Andy Overy, Owner/Inspector
Andy Overy, Owner/Inspector

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